Youtube Is My Teacher And Source Of Income

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Youtube Is My Teacher And Source Of Income

It is the ara of the Digital world. Now all over the Worlds Economy shifting towards Digitalization. Many Digital medium are working around the globe to help the peoples of the different countries in their related field. As many people are gaining knowledge and earning money.

Youtube is one of the most reliable media worldwide owned by google and maintaining every single person who knows about the internet. Youtube is the biggest revenue generation tool for all the people who are suffering from unemployment.

biggest content creator platform At least 1.8 billion monthly people are visiting it. It is a significant number in terms of visitors and 32 million Youtube channel estimated around the globe.

And know how Youtube was helping them whether it is learning prospective ar informative perspectives. It is More than a teacher its content provides essential to expert level knowledge to the students where ever they lived. Through Youtube, one can grab millions of information according to their fields. It is useful for students’ woman boys’ children and a different section of society with no age limit of its user.

Usage Of Youtube In Pakistan

Pakistan is also one of those countries where youtube users are growing day by day. People use it according to their related jobs. Youtube is playing a role as a teacher provides knowledge according to their queries. The user of youtube growing in Pakistan.acording to the world’s ranking giving web Alexa youtbe is the most visit plate form in Pakistan there are few channels in Pakistan that have the subscribers of roundabout 2 million.


Pakistan is a developing country that has 65% young population. Government has not many resources to give them jobs.that’s why youtube is a plate form where many young boys and girls earn a handsome amount of money from youtube according to their services.

Because youtube is also an earning generating platform, many families’ livelihood depends on the youtube content they produced. Which is significantly reducing unemployment in Pakistan young people share their knowledge on youtube in different ways۔

The victims of the economic crisis are mainly earning a living for their families. With the help of YouTube, the financial problems of the youth are being solved, and foreign exchange is increasing.


Rumors of youtube Ban in Pakistan

But since yesterday, there has an uproar across the country because of the remarks made in one of our judiciary cases. Everyone connected to YouTube is worried about the c made by the esteemed judges from yesterday.

Maybe YouTube should not be shut down again in Pakistan. According to the judges, the poison is being spread against us on social media, including YouTube, at the moment, and they have said that it should be stopped or we will stop this; it was a remark. Remember that the government of Pakistan has already blocked YouTube for publishing blasphemous content

But now Imran Khan is the Prime Minister who is a great advocate of freedom of expression. There is no such chance of ban of youtube in Pakistan ۔

It may be recalled that a few months ago, Prime Minister Imran Khan met some young people on social media and wished that more and more young people would benefit from this medium. Imran Khan is a massive beneficiary of social media lots of people supported pm khan narrative and his party before coming into the power 

So young people, you don’t have to worry at all. Don’t panic as Khan Sahib’s slogan is۔Since yesterday, some PTI ministers and advisers have been tweeting that this is not going to happen. It may be recalled that during Imran Khan’s rule, Tania Idrees was also invited from Google to come to Pakistan and start a program on Digital Pakistan.

The launch of Digital Pakistan aims to facilitate business and promote e-commerce and create an e-government environment in institutions. Young people continue to make their best content without fear and danger. With this government, YouTube cannot be shut down. Because Youtube Is My Teacher Youtube Is My Source Of Income.

Here is a tweet regarding youtube.





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