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ISLAMABAD: India becomes 3rd worst-hit country by a coronavirus. Pakistan reports the lowest virus-reproduction rate in the world.PM Imran Khan’s strategy of smart lockdown is proving to be effective, said Governor Punjab.

In a meeting with Advisor on Parliamentary Affairs Dr.Babar Awan in Islamabad on Friday, July 10, 2020, he greeted the prime minister for an international organization report which laud’s Pakistan strategy to contain Covid-19 pandemic.

Minister for Information Senator Shibli Faraz credited Prime Minister “smart lockdown” strategy to strike a balance between people’s lives and starvation. He said the world was also praising the Imran khan strategy.

In the crisis, when corona started affecting the four provinces, the opposition party and doctors community started to put pressure on Prime Minister Imran Khan to impose strict lockdown.

Sindh government didn’t like smart lockdown and insisted that a complete lockdown is the only option. Despite strong opposition from other parties and the provincial government, Imran Khan stood firm on his smart lockdown decision.

Khan knew from the start that the coronavirus pandemic could kill more through hunger than the disease itself.
It means a total of 80-90 million people can head towards complete hunger in this case, ” Khan said while addressing the nation on March 31, 2020

Imran Khan declared that no lockdown could be successful in Pakistan by neglecting the same segments of society and mentioning Katchi abadis (poor localities) where all low-income families and daily wagers resided.

He ordered the lockdown of educational institutions, malls, marriage halls, restaurants, and other places where the public congregates. In April, Khan had announced the reopening of “low-risk” industries, including construction, agriculture, e-commerce, paper and packaging, and others to resume business activities to compensate for the economic losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

PM IK said Pakistan survived because of the economy’s opening and distribution of cash in the coming days, but in India, patients are not getting beds in the hospital. It (India) has also concluded that the lockdown is not a solution,” he added.

The prime minister urged the people to strictly follow precautionary measures as the country’s resources are not enough to burden more patients.

A smart lockdown can only work if the public cooperates and actively follow SOPs against this disease. Otherwise, the cycle can’t be broken down, and this virus would have multiplied. Khan clearly said:

. “who rely on daily wages.” For countries like Pakistan, the only option is smart lockdown so that the burden doesn’t fall on poor people. India’s example was there when they announced nationwide lockdown with no prior notice, leaving millions of migrant workers displaced and vulnerable. The public started coming out on roads creating havoc and unrest in the country.

Pakistan’s government has distributed 135 billion Pakistani rupees in cash grants to low-income families to provide financial aid benefitting an estimated 11.2 citizens, according to the government’s data. Imran khan ordered the State Bank of Pakistan to give loans on concessions to businesses that do not lay off employees as long as the crisis persists.

He warned hoarders of ‘strict action.’ He said when people hoarded products, their prices increased, and as a result, the poor were left out.
He clearly warned traders that no artificial inflation should be created by the trading mafia as the poor were already in miserable conditions.

They can’t afford high-price food products and other items. In this crisis, Imran khan established the “Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program” for 10 million affectees.

A budget of Rs.144 billion was approved for the plan stated by Dr.Sania Nishtar, who was in charge of the scheme. It aimed to give 12000 Rs per family.67 million people were benefited from it in which daily wagers were the top priority.

During his visit from National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), Imran Khan was told that smart lockdown strategy proved to be effective in balancing the economy, overcoming the issues of the poor class, and preventing the spread of viruses. According to the Federal Government report, Pakistan could have expected 50,000 cases of the disease by April 25.

However, the number by then remained under 13000, only about a quarter of what was expected, accounting for 27% of cases in-country by late April.

According to a report published on April 30, South Asian countries, including Pakistan, are home to nearly a quarter of the world population but account for only 2% of confirmed cases of COVID-19.

London Imperial College has declared Pakistan’s Reproduction Rate of the virus to be lowest in the world and standing at 0.74. The evidence reflected that the virus should soon fade out from Pakistan If people and institutions took precautionary measures to spread at a lower rate.

The IMF Economic outlook claimed that Pakistan was among 30 countries that had reversed the projected downturn from -0.4% to 1.1% from July 19 to May 20, while its exports fared much better than exports from other countries of the region.

According to statistics, the number of coronavirus cases in Islamabad on June 1 was 771. After the smart lockdown in the areas with a more significant amount of infections, the count decreased to 113.

Positive cases from Normal Testing fell to 13% from 23% compared to early June Decrease in the number of patients in HDU and ICU Alhamdulillah.

Smart Testing in Lahore showed decreased positive cases from 5-6% to just 0.74% from the last testing in early May, said Dr. Yasmin Rashid on July 5. On June 22, the country’s case fatality rate stood at 2%, compared with a worldwide average of 5.25 %.

Even the world, mainly European countries like Germany, Italy, and Portugal, have enforced selective or smart lockdowns. European analyst concluded unless a vaccine is introduced, smart lockdowns is the best hope they have.

Pakistan is a pioneer country in initiating smart lockdown due to the grand strategy of Prime Minister Imran Khan. He proved that he is the only leader who has full capabilities to pull the country out of all crises.


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