The Health Care System in Pakistan

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The health care system in Pakistan Healthcare is mandatory for an individual and society.

Healthcare comprises of the maintenance of the health of members of society management health-related problems like treatment of diseases and improvement in diagnostic and treatment methods.


For all such things, the government established a system, and you must hear of it, which is the Health care System. Such systems are developed by governments of different countries across the globe including, Pakistan.


The Health Care System in Pakistan

The Healthcare system in the Pakistan Health care system is an organized framework of a different set of activities to make health care financially affordable, well organized, and accessible for every individual.

As Pakistan is a low-income country and comes in 65th position among the list of 102 developed countries according to the Human poverty index (HPI).


The Healthcare system facilitates only 27 % of the population, including the elite class, armed forces, and government employees. The health care system of Pakistan consisted of public and private sectors.

Private sector facilities, about 70% of the population, the only elite class can afford it. In contrast to it, the public sector serves 30% of the total population.

Constitutions of Pakistan states that the management and supervision of healthcare is the responsibility of the provincial government. Except in Federal administrated areas, the federal government overlooks the healthcare system.

Pakistan is the 2nd country in the region with the lowest health expenditures. The Healthcare system is divided into three classes.


Based on the functions, the healthcare system is divided into three classes, which are as follows of the basic functions are divided into three categories, which are as follows.




Primary healthcare system It is a basic healthcare system. In the primary healthcare system, the patient initially interacts with the professionals.

The primary healthcare system includes prevented services. • Secondary healthcare system provides an intermediate level of services to patients.

Secondary healthcare services include diagnostic and therapeutic services. Secondary healthcare staff includes health specialists and hospital administration.

The tertiary healthcare system includes all specialized services. The tertiary healthcare system is especially is for serious patients’ treatment.

The tertiary healthcare system is recommended by specialists in primary and secondary healthcare professionals. Importance of the healthcare system Why it is important.

It is an important system of any country as it directly influences the country’s economy because the healthier the individuals of the society will be, the more work they will be able to do, which will result in economic growth.

Reasons for the insufficient healthcare system 1. Lack of resources One of the major causes of weak healthcare is the lack of resources.

The budgets for the healthcare system in Pakistan are much lower, and Pakistan is the 2nd country of the region with the lowest health expenditures.


In the 2020-21 budget, only Rs 13 billion is given to the health sector, which is much lower than last year, according to opposition leaders and NGOs.


Lack of investment in the healthcare sector is the main reason for insufficiencies.


The limited amount of resources effect in every possible way. The main reason that Pakistan does not have modern machines, developed laboratories for research and diagnosis, and modern techniques for monitoring and evaluation.


Illiteracy is of the main cause of all the other problems. Pakistan invests the only percentage of the budget in the education sector, which quite low and not enough.

Pakistan is ranked 94th on the quality education system. The country also has the weakest higher education system.

The better education system is a significant factor and plays a vital role in the development of the country.


Lack of education results in new healthcare stuff. Due to limited investment in this sector, specialists and professionals do not even know modern techniques and modern methods of treatment.


Inequality among people Inequality is the root cause of inefficient healthcare system in Pakistan.


The public health care system is drastically affecting it. Private healthcare institutions are more develop and not affordable for the middle and lower class of the population.

These are the few main causes other causes include gender insensitivity, mismanagement of existing resources, uncontrol growth of population, corruption, and political interference.

Conclusion Pakistan has poor and weakest healthcare services in the regions. And it is progressing very slowly.

Limited amounts of budget, corruption, and most of the private sector investment drastically damaged the public healthcare sector. Pakistan needs to take serious steps to improve the healthcare system.


Proper implementation and reforms need to be done. Recommendations The Healthcare system can be improved by the integration of primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare systems.

Along with integration, several other strategies are needed to implement with better planning to improve the pre-existing healthcare framework.


Following are some recommendation which seems to be a promising solution to the weak healthcare system in Pakistan.

  1.  Enough budget should be given to the healthcare sector.


2.As the healthcare system of any country is influenced by factors like the environment, culture, and society. These aspects should be considered while making policies.


3.  The decentralization of policymaking is essential to improve the healthcare system. Each province, these policies should be designed by district health professionals and specialists as they have a better understanding of local barriers and problems because they encounter them daily.


4. The usage of modern technologies should be encouraged. As it will vigorously improve the monitoring, treatment, and diagnostic method.


5. Databases should be established. So that the history of any patient could be saved and approachable in the future. It will make monitoring and evaluation efficient.


6. All stakeholders should be taking part in the planning and implementation of policies at all possible levels.


7. By increase train, human resources will improve the healthcare system.

8. Controlling population growth. By doing so, every individual of society will able to get healthcare services.

These days, the coronavirus is putting pressure on every country’s healthcare system.
Countries that have worked on their health systems are doing better today in this pandemic COVID-19

Countries like Pakistan have spent very little on their health system because of the incompetence of previous governments. Our country’s hospitals are suffering from a lack of facilities.

Where two patients are lying on one bed
There are fewer doctors and more patients
Now is the time for countries like Pakistan to put more money in the budget for the health system.

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