Shafqat confessed to the motorway gang rape crime. CM Usman Buzdar

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On Monday, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar announced that the second culprit in the motorway gang rape was arrested by the police and he has confessed about his crime.

In his recent tweet, he said that Shafqat Ali is identified as the second suspect, in addition, the DNA of the culprit is matched with the sample collected from the incident scene. CM Buzdar said while alluding to the essential suspect for the situation that the whole group is likewise putting forth constant attempts for the capture of suspect Abid Ali, expected soon.

In the light of logical examination and examination of the proof found at the wrongdoing scene, one of the suspects, Shafqat Ali child of Allah Ditta, an inhabitant of Haroonabad, Bahawalnagar area, has been captured, Punjab Inspector General of Police Inam Ghani said in an announcement.  CM Usman Buzdar affirmed that Shafqat’s DNA had coordinated the examples gotten from the wrongdoing scene.

Similarly, he claimed as the Punjab Police worked “day and night” to capture Shafqat, the criminal Abid Malhi will likewise be captured soon and dealt with.

On Wednesday night, inside the Gujjarpura police ward, two robbers on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway had raped a mother of two children. Police sources said Shafqat was captured from the Depalpur zone yesterday on the sign of Waqarul Hassan, one of the initial two suspects named by police was suspected as the whole nation was shocked.

Hassan told police that Ali was involved in many crimes with a man named Shafqat for quite a while. He said like Ali, Shafqat too is from Bahawalnagar and the two are companions, as per police sources.

Usman Buzdar tweeted that the suspect gave up himself to police and denied his inclusion in the rape case, police said. Affirmed by Model Town Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) Deputy Superintendent of Police Hasnain Haider that this suspect was recognized as Abbas, brother by the marriage of Hassan, Affirmed by CIA Deputy Superintendent of Police Hasnain Haider. As per the cop, Abbas invalidated his inclusion in this incident.

Hassan himself had sought his capture on Sunday by drawing closer DSP Haider. He guaranteed his blamelessness and mentioned that his DNA test is done to verify his case.

Hassan had additionally asserted that Abbas (his brother by marriage), who was utilizing his cell phone SIM, had a few connections with essential suspect Abid Ali. He had said his brother by marriage would likewise give up himself.

Punjab Inspector General of Police Inam Ghani while tending to a prominent public interview on Saturday had uncovered the personality of the two rapists of the incident as Abid Ali from the Fort Abbas zone of Bahawalnagar and Waqarul Hassan of Qila Sattar Shah from the Sheikhupura region. Their photographs were disclosed alongside the declaration of Rs2.5 million prize cash for data prompting their catch.


Abid Ali is still everywhere and police groups are directing attacks to capture him.

Hassan said that he was a bike repairman and needed to visit Lahore often to purchase save parts. Police sources said the suspect asserted that he didn’t have anything to do with the incident and Ali’s other crimes.

Police sources told Dawn Hassan was arrested for additional examination and DNA testing. The police officer told the presser that both the suspects, Ali and Hassan, were recognized after police directed geo-fencing of the whole region and gathered fingerprints and DNA tests. The police boss said the DNA information base had prompted the recognizable proof of Ali, as he was recently engaged with another case of rape while geo-fencing of the zone demonstrated that Hassan had gone with him.

He said police had assembled Ali’s criminal record and discovered that four cell phone SIMs were enlisted in his name that he had utilized previously, yet every one of those SIMs was as of now idle. He said another telephone number was followed driving the police to infer that Hassan was Ali’s accessory.

IGP Ghani further said police were “95-96 percent” sure that Hassan was engaged in many crimes alongside Ali, and the previous’ essence at the wrongdoing scene was appeared by cellphone information.

In any case, Hassan’s senior sibling Shabbir disclosed to Geo TV that his sibling was not engaged with any wrongdoing. He said enormous police unforeseen had directed strikes on their home on Saturday evening and drove away with their senior sibling, Tanvir Hussain, and his child. He guaranteed Hassan was not home when the police attacked as he had gone to a close-by territory.

Hassan pursued capture after their relative’s endured torment by police, Shabbir affirmed.

While answering an inquiry about Ali, Shabbir said they didn’t have any acquaintance with him. He said Hassan’s brother by marriage Abbas was utilizing a SIM enrolled in his name, however they were uninformed whether he had any contact with Ali or not.

Sessions Judge Misbah Khan gave custody of the suspect to police for six days for examination. Shafqat was brought to the court in the midst of tight security with his face secured with a bit of material.

The police consolidated Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) for the situation, which means it will presently be heard by an enemy of psychological oppression court and not a common court. They created the suspect under the steady gaze of the meetings court because of the nonattendance of an ATC judge.

Shafqat, one of the two men accepted to be the offenders of this case on Lahore-Sialkot motorway a week ago was captured yesterday and he admitted to his wrongdoing. While Abid Ali is still everywhere and is required to be captured soon.

Prior today, Police captured a nearby partner of Abid Ali, the prime suspect in the Lahore motorway rape case during an attack in Chichawatni. The owner of the auto workshop was Bala Mistri where Shafqat and Abid Ali used to work.

Usman Buzdar made strict comments on tweets that the police will sooner or later catch the other suspect. As they made the suspect named as Shafqat to confess his crime.

Hope that soon the case be brought to justice and all the culprits would get what they deserve.

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