Positive And Bright Image Of Pakistan

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Today we are projecting the positive and bright image of Pakistan. Everywhere in the world, including in Pakistan, the epidemic of Corona has spread despair. But there is some good and positive news from Pakistan’s point of view that we are sharing with you.

There has been a lot of proper development in the last few days, but the positive news has not been highlighted in the mainstream media as it should have been. It is incomprehensible why such good news could not become the jewel of the media. I hope you have not seen this news in the media till now.

Positive And Bright Image Of Pakistan

Positive And Bright Image Of Pakistan Which is not being properly portrayed in the media as it should be.

A few days ago, a tweet was posted on the Twitter handle of the Adviser to Prime Minister of Pakistan for Commerce and Investment۔He said,  Pakistan’s exports are snowballing, and international companies are showing interest in Pakistan’s products. A few days ago, Pakistan received an order worth 100 million dollars to export medical devices to European countries.

A few days ago, Pakistan received an order worth 100 million dollars to export medical devices to European countries.

Items that will be exported to these countries include PPS masks and sanitizers. Recently the Prime Minister of Pakistan inaugurated locally made ventilators in Pakistan called safe vent sp 100.
They are being manufactured locally and can be exported۔ Which will significantly increase the foreign exchange in the country’s economy۔

According to the Adviser to Prime Minister of Pakistan for Commerce stated excellent news is that the famous German brand Hugo Bos has placed the first order of sportswear to the Pakistan companies. Have been asked not only to export their products but also to keep them in outlets in European countries.


Development from the IT sector

In the IT sector, Pakistan’s exports recorded a growth rate of 21%.
The IT ministry’s keen interest boosted the growth of the IT sector, with companies earning billions of rupees in profits.

Export of cement to PHILIPPINE

DG Khan Cement Company is one of the largest cement manufacturers in Pakistan۔

They have won an export order to export cement to the Philippines. Earlier, Pakistan used to export cement to China. it will increase Pakistan’s exports.


Export of Microwave Ovens

Good news for Pakistan in terms of electronics۔ Pakistan will now export microwave ovens to Bangladesh. Dawlance, Pakistan’s leading electronics manufacturer, will now export microwave ovens to Bangladesh.

Some time ago, Bangladesh’s exports were higher than Pakistan’s and Pakistan’s exporters were also moving there, but now the situation is improving rapidly. Now Pakistan’s exports are growing.


Pakistans’ drone technology

Pakistan is an agricultural country with 70% of its population living in rural areas. All the crops they cultivate are infected with various diseases۔To curb these diseases, and the present government has asked the Ministry of Science to develop spray drones to protect farmers’ crops from locusts and other diseases. Pakistan has developed its first spray drone locally۔

According to the Ministry of Science, Pakistan will not only be able to use drone technology to spray crops. Still, it will also produce them in large quantities so that it can be exported to earn foreign exchange.


Manufacture of surgical instruments

Earlier In Pakistan, surgical instruments were first manufactured on a small scale۔
Now Large-scale manufacturing of surgical mask PPS hand sanitizers and ventilators production is underway in Pakistan.

It is estimated that Pakistan will save 1 billion dollars annually. The cost of ordering these devices. Now Pakistan will export these instruments.


Discoveries of oil and gas sector

According to the spokesperson of Oil and Gas Development Company, Limited (OGDCL), oil and gas reserves have been discovered from 3 to 4 different places in Pakistan. According to an OGDCL spokesperson, the reserves were discovered at Thal East in Sukkur, Sindh. An estimated10 million cubic feet of gas have been discovered from the well so far.

Another well found in bhimra were estimated 2.25 cubic fit gas has discovered so for daily. Commercial use of the discovered gas has been initiated۔ The discovered gas has added to the national grid of Sui Southern since June 28.

Another well has discovered in Melafield area of Kohat. Another good news for Pakistan. Four hundred twenty-seven barrels of crude oil per day discovered from these mines. And5 million cubic feet of gas have found from this well.


Dhok is a place where vast reserves of gas and oil have been found. Three hundred barrels of raw material has discovered at Dhok. The well has also identified 12 million cubic feet of gas reserves. The discovered gas has been added to the leading network of Sui Southern.


The discovered gas will not only meet Pakistan’s own needs but also reduce Pakistan’s import bill. From which Pakistan can save a lot of its foreign exchange۔

Two days ago, another good news came to Pakistan: Pakistan’s passport ranking has improved by 6 points in the world index.

Recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the Kohala Hydro Project and Azad Pattan Hydro Project in Azad Kashmir, which will add cheap hydropower to the system.



At the moment, whatever news is seen in the media everywhere in Pakistan, it seems that nothing good is happening in Pakistan. Frustration and suspicion are being spread everywhere.

But you have seen, the excellent news is coming to Pakistan at the moment. Lots of good news are around the corner for the positive and bright image of Pakistan, but the matter is how govt can highlight them.






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