PM IMRAN KHAN Becomes Emotional During his Speech

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im the biggest fundraiser of this country,
I am collecting money for almost 30 years.

I have not felt ashamed of receiving payment from my people for my country.

Whenever my country needed it for our Hospitals for Scholes University were the children of poor people studies.

I have collected money for flood and earthquake and Shaukat Khanum hospital as well as never felt ashamed.


But the speaker sahib I felt ashamed whenever I went to other people for money.


Shah jee and Asad Umar were also with me during those visits.

Do whatever you want, even if it is your friend.
Everyone can see in their eyes.

It is not shameful for me, but it is for the whole country.

Because we had not enough money for the country, we were at the stage of default.

Prime minister Imran khan becomes emotional during his speech in the national assembly.
everyone noticed that his eyes were watering

everyone noticed that his eyes were watering when he referring to this subject.


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