PIA Flight PK8303 with 107 Onboard Crashes in Karachi

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PIA flight PK8303 with 107 onboard crashes in Karachi

Today Pakistan airline (PIA) PK8303 near the Karachi airport got a crash.PIA flight was coming from Lahore to Karachi.
99 passengers were on- board when it crashed according to the air control traffic system, airbus 320 PIA flight PK8303 crashed in the residential ara of Gardon town, many of the houses got burned, while at the time of the plane crash 99 passengers and 8 crew members were in the airplane. according to the initial news 4 to 5 houses burned. A terrible fire broke out in the surrounding buildings after PIA flight PK 8303 with 107 onboard crashes in Karachi.

Emergency has been declared by the civil aviation at the place of accident. PIA pilot first contacted the control tower before the flight PK8303 crashed incident. captan saying to air traffic I have lost the engine, and landing gears not properly functioning, saying mayday alert. many of the residents injured and brought to the different hospitals of Karachi, the rescue teams immediately reached the incident spot.
according to the sources so far 54 people have died in this unfortunate accident, two people have miraculously survived in this accident.
To speed up relief & rescue efforts, Army Urban Search & Rescue Team with special equipment & rescue specialists flown from Rwp. 10 fire tenders at the site have extinguished the fire. Military ambulances busy in rescuing injured & providing necessary medical care.

Imran Khan has expressed grief over the accident PIA flight Pk8303 crashes.

there is no doubt that this is a tragic national incident many people who are the victims lost their lives while many of them were going to their houses to celebrate Eid with their families due to,

PIA flight PK8303 with 107 onboard crashes in Karachi


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