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It’s been one year of the curfew imposed on Jammu Kashmir from 5TH August 2019 till today, the life of Kashmiris was made miserable. As it is one of the world’s most militarized regions. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the world experienced a harsh lockdown of seven to eight months, but Kashmir is locked from one year.

It’s really disturbing to think about how did they survive in their homes till now? Did their children have enough happiness and prosperity? Are they going to school and receiving an education? A question arises that are they alive or died till now.

On the 4th of August 2019, a bill was passed against Article 370 which guaranteed Kashmir’s special status, which caused thousands constrained under curfew and communication, with phone and internet service blackout was ordered. According to Indian political officials, the curfew was imposed to avoid the violence caused by the protestor but in reality, its discrimination and cruelty jailed thousands of people asking for their rights.

It is reported that Kashmiris would gather and protest ahead on the day of one year siege. Indian Army officials have also deployed more troops to stop the protestors. But we all know that more soldiers are not just deployed to stop them but they would also kill those innocents.

Every day blood is shed in the beautiful valley in ease of controlling the tension in the region as stated by the Indian BJP party but we can see that it does not decrease pressure nevertheless it increases as India continuously provokes a war between nations.

Pakistan has many times reported the case of innocents Kashmiris and demanded the world community to assign the decision to the people of Kashmir to whom they wanted to accede.

But this case has never come to completion till now. It seems like someone has closed our mouths, we are seeing injustice done by India on Kashmiris but still, we are quite and don’t have much to say. The region witnessed the clash between protestors and security forces from centuries.

Thousands of activists have been kidnapped by the Indian security officials from their homes before the days of protest movements. Seven thousands of people were taken into jail which included former chief ministers that were arrested in their houses without any charges.

They are been tortured by soldiers and many of them die due to the injuries caused them. Soldiers can be seen everywhere, roads are blocked with wires. If anyone left without permission they are gunfire.

The locals of Kashmir called one year siege to be marked as ‘black day’. The soldiers roam around the region and by using loudspeakers order the natives to stay home for two days. As if they were not caged already.  4th August, the day on which the last hope left for Kashmiris was destroyed, Indian they were called a part of India, and their rights were violated.

On 5th August the Indian authorities enforced the curfew in Kashmir with an information blackout and harsh security, leading their lives to worst. We can’t even imagine their pain, there are so many told and untold stories of incidents they suffered.

Many parents lost their young sons, being tortured during the gunfire on protestors and activists in broad daylight. Many Kashmiris daughters lost their dignity and children are abducted in the darkness of night during these time periods of curfew.

When Article-370 was removed by the Indian constitution, the people from across Indian states were granted the right to buy the property of Kashmiris unjustly. Pakistan opposed the elimination of the article many times and asked the International community to help but no one resisted India.

As a result, we can see that still curfew continues in Kashmir.curfew imposed on Jammu Kashmir from 5TH August 2019. India ruling party BJP always stated that Kashmir under curfew was peaceful if it was then why the people still protest? Why the ruling party did not allow the opposition Congress to pay a visit in Kashmir.

Why Kashmir is turned into an open-air prison? The place where extrajudicial and illegal killing is normal. Where 8 million people are suffering from no human rights. And the walls painted by blood. Kashmiris are killed in the name of faith and ethnicity.

India represents terrorism best, for 365 days every Kashmiri man, child, and woman is covered in blood questioning the world. Pakistan has said to observe the Kashmir’s loss and called the day as “siege day” in solidarity with Kashmiri people.

5th August would be celebrated as solidarity day for the Kashmiri brothers in Pakistan. Pakistan wants Kashmir to be free and wants the international community to speak for Kashmiris right. The dispute between the two countries can only be resolve by giving the people the right to whom they would accede.

Today we all will protest and try to ease the problems of Kashmiris brothers. Prime minister Imran Khan has unveiled the political map of Pakistan which covers the area of Jammu Kashmir as part of Pakistan.

Pakistan would officially present this map today in United Nations as the symbol of solidarity for Kashmir. The new map has been approved by the Federal Cabinet of Pakistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan gave a clear message by approving the new map that we won’t let India violate the human rights of Kashmiris.

It’s a huge step its giant leap toward the integration of Kashmir into Pak land. People of Kashmir have the right of self- determination, illegally India revoked article 370 said by Imran Khan.  A new political map would clear India, that Pakistan would not let Kashmiris alone on their own.

We would help them to all extend, we would raise their voice in United Nation. And let the world know that we represent Kashmir.  Narendra Modi is the life member of RSS, which only believes in the ethnic cleansing of Muslims.

Imran Khan has also declared the new map official. The Map has been approved by the leadership of Pakistan, opposition parties of Pakistan and Kashmir people stated by PM. We hope that the international community would raise their voice and become an ambassador of Kashmir.

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  1. Osman Choudhary

    True feelings of Pakistanis for Kashmir and their People.
    Kashmir bny ga Pakistan

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