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KASHMIR: A Conflict between Pakistan and India

Over the Kashmir region, there is a territorial issue called the Kashmir conflict. Kashmir is morally diverse in the Himalayan region, which covers around 86,000 sq miles (138 sq km) and well known for its beauty of its lake, meadows, snow-capped mountains, and glaciers.

Kashmir is famous for its beauty and is also known for tourism and the conflict between India and Pakistan. 

Since the partition of the Indian subcontinent divided into India and Pakistan in 1947, the Kashmir issue became a two-sided affair. They fought three wars over it in 1948, 1965, and 1999, but still, they cannot resolve the issue. The partition left the fate of millions of people in Kashmir undecided.

They were required to comply with either of the two states based on their people’s geographical location and desires. The state Jammu and Kashmir should have acceded to Pakistan because of its Muslim majority population.

Even before India and Pakistan won independence from British rule under the partition plan provided by the Indian Independence Act, Kashmir was free to accede to India or Pakistan.

The Maharaja, Hari Singh, initially wanted to remain independent, but in October 1947, tyranny India oppressed Muslim majority populated Kashmir and forced Maharaja to join India.

By seeking military assistance from India to avoid the Pakistani tribal attacks and signed to become a part of India. India used its military forces brutally to kill many innocents people of Kashmir.

Yearly, the number of died and kidnapped persons increasing in Kashmir, but the matter remains unsolved. Indian military officials fire shells on innocent people protesting against their violation. Many thousands of people are blinded every year.

Forks stories and incidents of people of Kashmir are countless; we can’t conclude everything altogether. That’s because the pain they experience has much more strong expressions then our words. 

Since India has controlled the occupied Jammu Kashmir, the life of the native people became miserable. Every day, someone’s loved one is being killed and buried. Indian military officials come to visit the houses in ease of search operations but kill their sons and rape their daughters.

Even the most famous new channels like BCC News, CNN news, etc. made documentaries and interviewed the people blinded during protests by shotguns.

Indian authorities call the shotgun shells filled with hundreds of small metal pellets and a “non-lethal” weapon to control the protest. In reality, it hit a lot of protesters and blinded them from one or both eyes.

Their faces and bodies poorly scarred. Their eyes are damaged or gone. Sometimes their scars may heal, but they even experience psychological wounds that may never fade from their mind.

It is a situation that ruined a lot of lives, as they lose their loved ones, their dignity, property, peace, and sense to see.

Sometimes it becomes hard to imagine their situation and their daughters gang-raped, their sons killed brutally, what could be done to them more worst

 Firdous Ahmad Dar said-“What I miss most is being able to read the holy Quran,” a Kashmiri man who lost vision of both eyes after being shot by Indian soldiers through pallet guns anti-India protests. 

Burhan Wani, a commander of militant organization Hizbul Mujahideen, fought against Indian officials who killed many innocents in Kashmir was also killed by Indian soldiers.

He fought bravely against India’s cruelty. There are many people sacrificed by India in the name of freedom and peace.

The Kashmir Martyr’s Day is observed on 13th July every year to pay homage to 22 Kashmiris people killed one after one to recite the prayer call (Azaan). The death of 22 shaheeds completed this Azaan.

There are many tales to be told about Kashmir and their native’s but the world don’t have enough time to hear and react. Even the Muslim countries but have much to say.

It’s been seven months of the lockdown the world experienced due to Covid-19 and almost one year for the Kashmiris to experience curfew from August 2019, before the pandemic.

There is a question for all who experienced lockdown due to the harmful effects of coronavirus. How was your experience? How does staying in the house feel? Scared, exhausted, right.

Yes, it is exhausting, but this will make us understand how difficult it is to lose freedom and get afraid of dying. It is a revenge of nature taken from us for keeping our mouths closed during the curfew in Kashmir.

Being a native of Pakistan, I wish Kashmir to become a part of Pakistan, but I would also prefer Kashmiri’s own will to accede. The most important is their freedom and peace. If India, instead of killing people, asks for their opinion and respect, that would be enough.

The matter of Kashmir has been taken to International platforms and United Nations many times, but it’s still undisclosed and unsolved.

Pakistan has invited the International community to see the condition of LOC (Line of control), meet the natives, and look at how much India has distorted the area by violating International Peace Laws and causing a ceasefire.

This year until today, India has committed 1697 ceasefire violations and increased the tension at LOC. India has always diverted the attention of the international community from the grave human rights situation in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan has often called the Indian Ambassador and protested against the ceasefire, but it’s all vain.

India always acted as a treat to regional peace and security. The World should realize that peace and stability in South Asia can only be guaranteed if all disputes between Pakistan and India, including Kashmir conflict, should be solved.

Pakistan has become a frontline state working against the global war of terrorism. The best solution of the Kashmir dispute could be the right of self-determination, which should be given to Kashmir is in to give them the right to decide to whom they want to accede.

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