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The Pakistan Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rainfall in many districts of Sindh in this week. Currents of monsoon season would continue to cast a spell of moderate rain, thunderstorm, and gusty winds with rather heavy rainfalls in Karachi as stated by the department.

According to the data collected from the Meteorological department showed that Karachi received a maximum rain about 86.2mm at Gulshan-i-Hadeed, 49.6mm in Karachi MOS, 23mm in PAF Masoor Base, 49.2mm in PAF Faisal Base, 61.9mm in North Karachi on 26th July.

Karachi called the “city of lights” has been ruled by PPP ( Pakistan People’s Party) for 12 years. Karachi is led by the chairman of the ruling party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, son of Asif Ali Zardari, Bilawal has always talked in many interviews about his party’s progress in Sindh. He stated that the government of PTI is a failure and could not handle the major issues of the country, but witnessing the progress of Karachi is a total loss.

Every Monsoon Karachi is flooded with water of rain and sewage. Pakistan Meteorological Department gives an alert every year before the monsoon in Sindh but the PPP government ignores the ultimatum and does not assign sewage department WASA to clean the trash heap in sewage lines and drainage.

Not only drainage is an issue in Monsoon season, Electricity provided by KE electric is also a major issue in every Monsoon, on Sunday 26th July at least five people, two children included died in rain-related accidents as the third monsoon spell of the season entered and wreaked havoc in Karachi, flooded the whole city. Even the incidents include immerse roads with water and causing power outrage. Disrupting electricity for hours and causing traffic jams on almost every road.  Many number of roads and buildings suffered heavy damages due to flooding.

People drown in water from foot to chest through a flooded street after heavy monsoon rains in Karachi. Meanwhile, in the rain, the KE electric stated that the electrical power supply of low areas had been shut down due to waterlogging which caused dangerous hazards.

The KE supply directors said in a tweet that our teams are working continuously so please be assured we aim to restore power as soon as it is safe to do so. They also requested people to make fake calls on their 118 helplines. KE also stated please call on 118 in the serious situation only, like the event of a life-threatening emergency such as sparks, fire, live wires, or downed PMT/poles.

 Arbab, a 10-year-old boy died after coming into contact with a fallen electricity wire in Gulshan-i-Hadeed while playing outside his home said by SHO Shakir Ali. He said the child’s family did not want to pursue legal cases.

 A man of 27 years died after falling into a rainwater drain in Orangi Town. SHO Iqbal Husain Tunio said that the Nala in Sector 11 1/2 was overflowing when Tariq Abid, who was traveling on a motorcycle when fell into it. Later his body was retrieved by rescue workers from the Edhi Foundation.

Further, Usman Akhter, 22-year-old died after being coming in contact with electricity wire in Qazafi Town, Landhi, said police surgeon Dr. Qarar Ahmed Abbasi, his body was taken to Jinnah Post-Graduate Medical Centre for examination.  

 18-year-old Osama Iqbal was also injured in the incident and had suffered burns, added by Edhi Foundation.

Also, 55-year-old Yusuf died after being electrocuted at Fawara Chowk in the Garden area, according to Chippa’s spokesperson. He added that his body was shifted to Civil Hospital.

 Police mobile has been sent to the area to determine how the incident occurred, according to SHO Fida Hussian.

A boy, aged five years was also drowned in a drain at Vita Chowangi in Korangi, the Edhi spokesperson said, adding that efforts were still underway to retrieve his body.

The whole scenario experienced by Karachi is the same during the second spell of heavy rain which led to the deaths of at least two people, including a policeman held on 18th July. Karachi suffered similar losses, including traffic jams, flooding of roads, and destruction of infrastructure.

  On duty motorway, police said rainwater had accumulated on the Lyari Expressway and M-9 till Nooriabad, advising citizens to avoid traveling unnecessarily.

 Ali Haider Zaidi, minister for shipping and maritime affairs said that the PPP had been in government for than 12 years in Sindh, yet had failed to even clean the storm drains. He tweeted that, a spoiled brat impersonate as a politician, blames everyone for everything on TV.

 Officials of Pakistan Rangers said that they reached areas that had been affected and joined rescue efforts. The Point man said that the paramilitary force also helped traffic police in rescuing the public stuck on the roads in knee-deep water. Karachi police department directed police officials to help struck motorcyclists and people traveling in four-wheelers.

 The emergency of stormy rains was declared at the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) on the directions of Sindh local government minister and leaves of all officials had been canceled and head engineers had been sent into the field. “Machines for cleaning sewage lines and water pumps have been deployed in low-lying areas,” the statement said, adding that the complaint center would be operational all night to register complaints.


The department of KE has asked that all sacrificial animals must be kept indoors and away from electricity poles. An emergency is also imposed at hospitals across the Karachi city. The Metropolitan Corporation of Karachi has advised people to stay away from electric wires and take precautionary measures to protect themselves.

Director of the Meteorological Department stated that light rain is expected on Eidul Azha as well, which will be celebrated on August 1.

According to the scenario of Karachi, the PPP government has failed badly in Sindh. They just use the policy of accusing the opposition party of their deeds, ignoring their progress during 12+ years. Still, the issue of drainage and electricity is unsolved. The major issue upcoming is the garbage contaminated disposal of Eid-ul-Azha sacrificed animal wastes would fill the city again along with mixed sewage water and rain. PPP government should have more attention towards the problem of Sindh province rather than blaming the opposition.

We being Pakistani wish our good regards to the people of Karachi. And Karachi would be reformed again.

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