Every single rupee of the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund will be accounted for; said PM IMRAN KHAN

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PM IMRAN KAHN yesterday talking to the media, The Prime Minister said that Pakistanis have a great passion for charity.

Every single rupee of the Prime Minister's Relief Fund will be accounted for; said PM IMRAN KHANImage source – Google |Image by- Sajjad Ahmed



One rupee of the relief fund will also be accounted told where it is being spent; people’s money is going to the right place; it will not go anywhere.
According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing the function said, I understand the spirit of the Pakistani nation.

I had the opportunity to talk to donors, which are arranged under the Ehsaas program by Sania nishtar. The people of Pakistan give the most charity in the world.
Pakistanis believe in Allah and the hereafter, no one would have collected as much money in Pakistan as I did.

I went to the people in Pakistan for the cancer hospital, the construction of the cancer hospital in Pakistan was a big challenge.

I went to the school where the children of the healthiest wealthiest people studied, in the end, the money was given to me by the ordinary people.
The world has not seen such a situation. In a country like America, people are standing in cars and asking for food. In Italy, people are hungry, and food is provided to them.
PM Khan said that 75 percent of patients are treated free of cost in Shaukat Khanum Hospital, which was built at the expense of Rs 70 crore, its annual deficit is Rs 12 billion, 75 percent free treatment is Rs 12 billion.
The 2005 earthquake, the 2010 flood-affected areas, the population around the Indus River, and the affected areas of Balakot were affected.

People were going for 3 miles in vehicles to deliver goods to the affected people, where people were reaching but were not known people were hungry. ۔
He said that he went to Larkana to distribute the money among the beneficiaries.

I do not understand why the work of the hut stopped in Larkana. Such people raise their children by earning a living.

Build shelters for such day laborers; food provided, patients’ families are sleeping outside the big hospitals, we have decided to continue to build shelters for such people in different parts.

The minister should go to the shelter, eat with the people, and ask about the problems. People should be sure that their money will be used in the right place.
Efforts are made to protect people from the effects of the lockdown until next month when already ill people are at higher risk than the coronavirus.
The Prime Minister said that next month is severe, the Tigers force will now be sent to the hotspot.
The Ehsas Cash program is carried out in the context of Corona. The program will help 16 million people, while Ehsas Panah and Langar are going to launch a mobile app soon.
The Ehsas program is currently praised around the world. About Rs 150 billion is being spent on poverty basis. It is PTI Govt’s most appreciated Special Assistant, Dr. Sania Nishtar, who oversees the program.

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