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In this time of covid-19 how Pakistan smarty deal with the covid 19 by implementing smart lockdown in whole Pakistan that why covid 19 cases lowdown in Pakistan.

The destructive Covid-19 has caused many deaths in the last few months. Several people experienced the deadly effects of coronavirus. Pakistan is also counted as one of the countries in which Covid-19 patients soon, increased in number.

Covid-19 data in Pakistan is about 270,400 confirmed cases. The active cases are 44,854 in number. The number of people who died is 5,763. According to the National Command and Control centre, the number of Covid-19 patients recovered and gone home among the confirmed cases is 219,783.

In the last 24 hours 1209 cases were recorded, while yesterday a huge amount of 6,608 people recovered and returned home. The deaths observed in the last 24 hours were 54 in number.

Pakistan’s recovery rate is getting better day by day it’s about 81.3% while talking about death rate is 2.1% observed.

Recovering the highest number is about one lakh from Sindh during the pandemic, right now 13,785 cases active and been treated by medical officials. In Punjab, about 68,439 people have recovered and the number of active cases decreased down to 20,879.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 26,607 people have recovered and the remaining active cases are 5,122. The persons recovered in Islamabad are 12,023, and the number of active cases is 2581.

While in Balochistan, 9818 persons recovered and the number of active cases decreased to 1569. In Azad Kashmir, 1361 people recovered while in Gilgit-Baltistan 1553 people have recovered and returned home.

As the recovery rate is increased, the death rate also came back to static. The highest death toll 2,105 was observed in Punjab, 2,096 in Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa trolls on the third number with 1,169 deaths, 162 in Islamabad, 136 in Balochistan and 49 deaths in Azad Kashmir.

We can see a huge difference between the number of active cases and patients in May and June, compared with the numbers in cases in Pakistan in July. The graph that indicated increases in cases after Eid-ul-Fitr is much decreased now.

According to Prime Minister Imran Khan and Asad Umar serving as Federal Minister of Planning and Development controlling Covid-19 situation, has tweeted that the drop in the daily number of Covid-19 in July, is the result of “smart lockdown” strategy applied by PTI government.

Included that the number dropped due to SOP’s applied and the restrictive laws applied to control the pandemic. But some observers say that the trend decreased could be the result of misreporting and inadequate testing. We can see that as the number of cases decreasing government has also decreased the number of tests conducted daily.

International news websites have also declared Pakistan among the 4th fastest recovering country, as per the case graphs. Many people have recovered and gone back to their homes, which has also led a hope of joy for the people of Pakistan.

A technical working group virtual meeting was held in Pakistan by the World Health Organization on 15th July and acknowledged by the government officials that the Covid-19 cases are decreasing in the country.

As in South Asia, more than 261,000 Covid-19 cases have been reported with more than 183,737 recoveries and 5,780 deaths. 70,900 cases are the active number of cases in South Asia.

The World Health Organization has listed Pakistan among 10 countries in which the number of Covid-19 cases increased fast.

The International community has also criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan for hastily removing lockdown restrictions. But Prime Minister referred to it as that Pakistan is among undeveloped countries, lockdown would kill people with hunger instead of coronavirus.

He said that smart lockdown was the only option left for Pakistan because it is a poor country, we have no choice but to reopen the work for daily wagers and rejected the UN body’s suggestion.

According to our country data, Pakistan’s daily tests per thousand people is 0.1 as of July 16th report, a rather sharp decrease from 0.13 tests in June. It’s a huge difference but the government takes this as their plus points for controlling the pandemic.

Prime Minister Imran Khan stated the public of Pakistan that we can overcome the pandemic if we would work upon the SOP’s applied by the government and avoid social gathering in the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha festival. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the decreased cases are a great achievement accomplished by the PTI government.

Although the opposition parties have also criticized the government for lowing the number of tests carried out daily. In ease of the comments issued by the opposition, the government stays motivated to the strategy.

Being natives of Pakistan, we wish prosperity for the Nation and hope that Pakistan would overcome the pandemic in very little time.

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