A historic tripartite agreement on Kohala hydropower project

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 Kohala hydropower project 

Prime minister Imran khan attend the ceremony historic tripartite agreement on Kohala hydropower project۔

 The Prime Minister said while addressing the function.

Today is an essential day for investment in Pakistan.

 Pakistan has a lot of potentials to generate electricity from water.

As long as our country was generating electricity from water, Pakistan was developing rapidly in the subcontinent.

I had to say that we should have started the hydro project first۔

We have a lot of potential for hydroelectric.

Pakistan has always generated electricity on furnace oil۔ 

 Prices go up due to the import of electricity from imported fuel.

 The generation of electricity from oil is also hurting the environment.

 Leading three garages company Kohala Hydel will develop the project. 

They are focusing on clean energy instead of imported fuel.

 The project will create employment opportunities in Azad Kashmir.

 Construction and hydropower projects will provide jobs to the youth.

Agreement Signing for 1124 MW Kohala Hydro Power Project right now.

It is a CPEC project, and the agreement involves US $ 2.4 billion investment, the biggest foreign direct hydropower Pak.

PM was addressing the ceremony.


This project will change the dynamics of AJK.

 Jobs will be created for our youngsters.

And such projects will bring prosperity to the region. – PM Khan

Kohala Hydro Power project will generate clean energy; hydropower is one of the cleanest energy sources; this will have a two-fold impact. 

One that we don’t have to import furnace oil which creates Current Account Deficit, and then environmental benefits – PM Khan

Tripartite Agreement signing ceremony for Kohala Hydel Power Project being held today.

It is The most significant power sector investment of $2.4 Bn in one IPP.

Progress in the energy sector, historic tripartite agreement on Kohala hydropower project reached

In a tweet, Lt. Gen. Asim Saleem Bajwa called it a historic day, saying it would be a massive investment by the energy sector of 2.4 billion.

The Chairman C-Pac Authority said that with the prime minister’s precise direction to expedite the work on the Economic Corridor projects, all parties worked hard for this day.


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