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10 BILLION TREE TSUNAMI PROJECT IN PAKISTAN is the most acknowledge programme in the world. according to the data, Pakistan is the worst victim of global warming.
Pakistan is counted among the six countries that are affected by extreme weather conditions in the past few decades. Natural disasters have also reduced Pakistan’s forests and plantation fields. According to the data of the Pakistan Forestry Department, the country total forests cover the area that range between 2% and 5% of the land.

Moreover, Pakistan is also counted among the lowest level of forest covering country in the region of Asia, as it is well below the 12% recommended by the United Nations.

In 2016 flood hit the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which killed dozens of people and the province had lost large areas of forest, which increased the way of flooding and landslides in the area.
Recently Prime Imran Khan launched Pakistan’s largest campaign of tree plantation on Sunday and aimed to plant 3.5 million saplings to be planted in Pakistan in a single day.

While addressing the public from the ceremony in Islamabad, the ceremony began his speech by thanking all those who had participated in the plantation campaign.

Imran Khan has also paid tribute to the members of the Tiger Force Team and to all who helped in planting contribution to break the records of 35 lakh trees.
Imran Khan stated about the wheat production that it has been fallen from over the past two to three years due to unpredictable climate changes and rainfall.

He stated that if we will follow and continue to walk on this path, then our areas would turn into deserts. We should responsibly make our country green for our future generations as stated by Prime Minister.

He said that the 35 Lakh saplings that we have planted are just a new start. We have started a long battle, it’s just a beginning but thankfully we have started the first step of this process. We have vowed to plant in empty spaces in cities. He stated that we are not doing it for us but for our upcoming generations and for our nation.

Imran Khan requested the women to participate most in the campaign of the plantation. He stated that making Pakistan green is important and our first priority but simultaneously the nation should also focus on cleanliness and to clean the rivers gifted to the country by Allah Almighty. Planting trees would also clean the environment and lessen pollution.

Imran Khan stated in the ceremony that we will plant 10 billion trees till 2023. He said that in these last centuries the pollution has increased to dangerous levels and now we should aim to drive pollution free Pakistan.

He concluded his speech by addressing the volunteers of the tiger force that they are the future of Pakistan. The work they would do today would be done for the betterment of their own improvement, the country’s name, and the country’s future.

He also praised the role they played in supporting their government during the Covid-19 raised situation. He stated that Pakistan is now counted among those few countries that have successfully managed to overcome and control the pandemic. He stated that the world has recognized now Pakistan’s overcoming successful strategy.

Imran Khan requested the public of Pakistan to operate according to the applied (SOPs) and not to refrain it thinking that the cases have fallen in numbers. He said that it is necessary to wear a mask every time a person leaves his house.

He said that not wearing a person would not be grated and entertained outside in any place.
He also requested Shia Community to operate according to necessary precautionary measures applied by the government during Muharram. He stated that it’s time to take precautions. God has blessed us, we should be thankful and wear a mask.

In Islamabad, many ambassadors like Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing, Ambassador of Azerbaijan Ali Alizada and Turkish Ambassador Ihsan Mustafa Yurdaku also participated in the planting saplings in their respective embassies after the announcement of the plantation campaign
Prime Minister Special Assistant on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam said that one million tiger force volunteers would plant indigenous and non- fruit saplings along with the workers of the climate change ministry and provincial forest departments.

He said that there will be a more informative campaign to be organized in different cities of the country in order to enhance awareness of local communities to participate in campaigns.

Earlier to that CM Sardar Usman Buzdar also planted the sapling at an artificial forest at Shadman Market in Lahore to drive the campaign ahead. CM stated that Pakistan faced a big challenge of climate change as well as the Covid-19 pandemic, accordingly timely methods are needed to provide a healthy environment for the people to deliver it we need to start planting.

The plantation campaign in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa also provided jobs to many unemployed workers during the pandemic crisis. The plantation project would provide many more opportunities for jobless people.

The CM of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa also said that the target to plant trees in the province was 2 million, he also added that participating in such a campaign is not new for native people as from last five years they have planted 1.2 billion saplings in the province.
But it was also seen that the plantation campaign did not go smoothly on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s district Bara tehsil, where the people protested and uprooted the saplings.

The protests started to fire up as some local elders gathered at the site of the plantation and said that plantation the drove on their lands, they claimed that the government wished to underprivileged them of their lands.

KP chief minister took action against the people that are involved in these incidents. They attacked the administration officials, tiger force volunteers, and uprooted every sapling said by the witnesses.
Usman Dar Chief Minister had also requested the opposition party leaders to express unity and motive for the plantation movement.


He concluded that it’s a small step towards many benefits.
He appreciated the Tiger Force that they would make history by planting 2 million trees in a day, he also appreciated the work of the tiger force during the pandemic.

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